Water Works Project No. 1

The complete Water Works Project No 1 was funded by donations contributed by Dandikars living in the UK with assistance from Shree Yuvak Mandal, Dandi and the residents of Dandi.

Phase 1 – Water Pipe Line Project

This involved underground installation of approximately five(5) kilometers of 160mm(6 inches) diameter X 6 kg/cm sq. PVC Pipe Line from a borewell(200mmX28.95 meter bore) on the outskirts of Aat to Dandi. Phase 1 was completed in July 1992.

Phase 2 – Home Delivery Project

This involved underground installation of PVC Pipe Lines to all the households in Dandi. Phase 2 was completed in March 1993.

Water Works, Dandi Project No. 2

The drilling of the borehole and the construction of a well near the Valva Talav in Matwad and the construction of the pipeline from Matwad to Dandi has been successfully completed. Dandi, after all the years of hardships has its own independent pipeline from Matwad to Dandi.

The initial borehole on the land donated by the late Shree Ranchodbhai Ravjibhai Parsotam’s family of Aluria in Matwad had to be abandoneddue to disagreement with the Matwad Gaam Grampanchayat on the issue of ownership. A new borehole well on a plot of land owned by the Gujarat Government and not too far away from the original plot of land, and a Pump House has been constructed. Lots of difficulties were experienced during the construction phase. However, the Water Works Construction team lead by Shree Manubhai Daji from Azad Falia worked tirelessly to complete the project in good time. The well is 20 feet in diameter and 30 feet deep. The quality of the water has been laboratory tested and found to be very good.

The project has been totally financed by donations from the local residents of Dandi as well as Dandikars living abroad in UK, Canada and New Zealand and elsewhere.

The Water Works Project team is planning to build an increased capacity and taller Storage Tank at an estimated cost of 22 to 23 Lakh Rupees.

The opening ceremony and Sneh Samellan event for the successful implementation of the Water Works Project No. 2 took place in April 2003. The event was sponsored by Shree Manubhai Daji from Azad Falia. Shree Maheshbhai Kothari of Manav Kalyan Trust, Navsari in his address to the general public informed all regarding Param Poojaya Sant Moraribaapu’s Shree Ramkatha event, which is scheduled to be held in Dandi from 22nd January to 30th January 2004. He said that the event is being organised by Manav Kalyan Trust and that all the proceeds will be for the benefit of Mamta Mandir. He also pledged to donate 11 Lakh Rupees to Shree Yuvak Mandal Dandi to assist in the construction of a new overhead Water Works Tank.

Water Works Dandi Project No. 3

The successful completion of project No. 2, i.e. drilling of the borehole and the construction of a well near the Valva Talav in Matwad and the construction of the pipeline from Matwad to Dandi, has facilitated the water to be stored in two separate sumps of 125,000 litres and 106,000 litres capacity.

The need to cater for storage of a total of 231,000 litres of water and to facilitate distribution of water to all the households at a reasonable water pressure has necessitated in the construction of a new overhead water storage tank. The contract for the design and construction of the necessary Overhead water storage tank has been awarded to a reputable company, VMS Engineering & Design Services (P) Ltd. Brief details of the Project No. 3 are as follows:

  • Capacity of overhead tank – 200,000 litres
  • Height of tank from ground level to the bottom of tank – 16.75 metres
  • Shape of Tank – Round
  • Construction of pump house/storeroom at ground level
  • Budget cost – 22 to 23 Lakh Rupees

Sabarmati to Dandi Heritage Route Project

This is a Central Government Sponsored Project  aimed at developing the march route from Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad  to Dandi. The Project is being implemented by Gujarat Government.
The development project is being undertaken by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat (TCGL). A National Memorial will be built on the beach. District authorities have already transferred a piece of land to the TCGL for building the memorial.
The plan also includes:

  • Construction of Park and a Pond in the Village
  • Developing the one km stretch between Karadi Village, where Gandhiji stayed

The march route, declared as National Highway, NH-228, by the Centre will be developed in two Phases;

Phase 1 – The government plans to improve riding surface and widen carriageway wherever feasible
Phase 2 – Up-gradation of road to two-lane.

The tentative completion of Phase 1 is about 2 years and Phase 2 is 3 to 4 years


We trust that the foregoing status report is satisfactory. We wish to thank you all for your continued support.

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